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Automatic polishing and deburring production line BD type

Equipment name: automatic double-sided polishing deburring production line

Wet grinding planetary brush disk polishing deburring machine

1. Cutting parts, stamping parts, machining parts, deburring and obtuse of metal plates and profiles; It is widely used in polishing and deburring process of precision parts with complex process and high precision. 2. The equipment can also be used for polishing and polishing non-metal plate workpieces such as plastics, nylon, wood and stone.

Sand band brush disc combined drawing burr machine type 300

1. Cutting parts of metal plates and profiles, machining parts, welding parts, stamping parts polishing, wire drawing, wool drawing, deburring, deoxidizing and welding slag, etc. 2 the equipment can also be applied to the polishing and polishing of non-metal plate workpieces such as plastics, nylon, wood and stone.

Cardan abrasive wheel polishing deburring machine

1. Applicable to large laser cutting, stamping parts omnidirectional non - Angle deburring, obtuse Angle process. 2. The customized equipment can be applied to the polishing and drawing of metal plates, hair pulling, deoxidizing and slag welding.

Brush roller type double polishing deburring machine

1. Sheet metal, profile cutting parts, stamping parts polishing, wire drawing, deburr. 2. Special deburring machine for cover plate and transmission seal ring.

Belt conveyor
Chain plate conveyor
Non-standard industrial automation equipment
Roller conveyor

Company introduction

Wanchuang (suzhou) intelligent equipment co., ltd. is located in kunshan city, suzhou, the pearl of the Yangtze river. Founded in 2008, the company is a national high-tech enterprise with industrial automation technology as the core, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of digital intelligent polishing and grinding equipment and industrial automation equipment. Wanchuang has established a professional polishing and grinding and industrial automation technology research and development department since its establishment. Wanchuang has a number of domestic and foreign advanced mechanical design and industrial automation engineers, and has maintained long-term cooperative relations with domestic and foreign well-known scientific research institutes.


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